Full Name
Teresa Lopez
Job Title
VP Content Partnerships
rlaxx TV GmbH

Teresa Lopez is Vice President of Content Partnerships at Foxxum GmbH and rlaxx TV GmbH.

Having been a part of Foxxum since 2014, she began managing the Content Partnerships department in 2016 and has since then built a successful team that covers global partnerships and TV clients,
expanding Foxxum’s portfolio to currently over 350 internationally available apps from leading global streaming services. Since 2022, she has also been developing business models for the newly branded Foxxum OS 4.

In 2020, Lopez was also involved in drafting and launching Foxxum’s sister company rlaxx TV (AVOD + FAST). Within only two years she achieved to establish over 100 new partnerships and launch 123 FAST channels, while liaising with major international TV studios and content production houses. Today, rlaxx TV successfully competes with multiple leading global streaming services.

Teresa Lopez