Full Name
Michael Rycyzyn
Job Title
Director, Digital Licensing
A+E Networks

Michael Rycyzyn, Director, Digital Licensing and Digital Content Distribution, A+E Networks
Michael Rycyzyn, Director, Digital Licensing and Digital Content Distribution, A+E Networks, has worked for A+E Networks for 8 years in both Ad-Sales and Global Content Sales (EST/TVOD). He began his career in Ad Sales before becoming a Sales Planner and then moving to the Global Content Sales Team where he was promoted twice. Michael is at the forefront of business development and industry growth. His work assures A+E programming placement on platforms such as Apple, Amazon, Google/YouTube, VUDU-Fandango, XBOX, Comcast, Verizon and Frontier, which has resulted in a significant growth in brand awareness and revenue streams for the company. 
Michael has led A+E’s EST/TVOD business to garner some of the largest revenue generating EST content premieres in the history of the company as shown through Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly, Girl in the Basement and History’s Alone and The Curse of Oak Island.  During his tenure, he helped grow the EST/TVOD business by 58% (since June 2018) and he is responsible for expanding the A+E EST/TVOD business and content library on strategic accounts. He continually threads the needs to use EST data to help support the A+E SVOD/AVOD/FAST business and he is responsible for launching the A+E TVOD rental distribution business for A+E Networks. 
Not only does Michael have a proven track record but he has his finger on the pulse of international markets, where he has successfully expanded the A+E EST business in countries such as Japan, while also expanding global partnerships and presence.  Recently, he has been at the forefront of researching potential expansion in markets in Asia and Canada. 
Additionally, Michael strategized alongside IT to come up with and launch a beta version of an internal scheduling tool to help modernize and streamline avails (final product slated to launch in 2023).
He also supports A+E podcast revenue generation, where he worked closely with the A+E Ad-Sales team to help secure the first podcast sponsorship for HISTORY This Week.
Previously, Michael was responsible for introducing A+E EST/TVOD business to correctional facilities across the country – allowing for A+E TV content to be made available to inmates nationwide. 
Originally from Michigan, Michael’s family moved to San Diego during his elementary school years. Throughout his childhood, his parents worked for local affiliates and in advertising media which cultivated his passion for all things media and entertainment. Michael graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business and is a supporter of both the LA Food Bank and San Diego Food Bank. 

Previously, Michael was nominated for the A+E Global Content Sales “Can Do” award, which honors the success and achievements of young executives who are risk takers within the company. 
In his free time, Michael enjoys working out, golfing, and checking out new restaurants with his wife Jodi. Michael and Jodi are excited for the arrival of their first child, a baby boy due June 2023.

Michael Rycyzyn