Full Name
Alex Yee
Job Title
Co-Creator, Writer and Executive Producer, Arcane
Riot Games

Alex Yee began his journey with Riot twelve years ago as a player support specialist. Since then, he has helped guide League of Legends in his role as Creative Designer, leading the team through pre-production including story development, writing scripts and concept design. He is the co-creator, writer and executive producer of Riot’s Emmy-winning hit Netflix series Arcane, which marks the company’s first animated series. Arcane tells the origin story of two iconic League champions, set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun. The show held Netflix’s #1 global spot for three weeks in a row, also hitting the top 10 in over 87 countries. He and fellow Arcane co-creator and executive producer Christian Linke are currently working on the show’s second season, which is in production.

Alex prides himself on the lore and world building he has done for League of Legends, but notes his favorite contributions are some of the Champions he’s contributed to like Riven, Thresh, Draven, Leona, Graves and Lulu.  When not working on creative enterprises for Riot you can find Alex doing “research” by diving into the pop culture of the day. He also enjoys daydreaming, hiking and kung fu. Yes, he knows kung fu.

Alex Yee