Full Name
Thomas Staples
Job Title
Master Control Operator
Cheddar News

Thomas Staples is an award winning Director and Producer, Technical Director, Video Engineer and Cinematographer with extensive experience in multi-cam directing, projection, editing, stage production and video engineering.

In the theater, he served 9 years as Technical Director of the American Negro Playwright Theatre for shows such as Stand, Dance on Widow’s Row, 2 Black TV, Miracle in Rwanda, Zooman and the Sign, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Hidden Seduction and A Mother’s Prayer, which aired on BET and running shows in various theaters across the country.

His television experience spans a range of diverse shows such as “Black College Quiz”, "ESPN: Monday Night Football" and the “Stellar Awards”, where he worked as a Production Associate, Audio Engineer and Camera Operator for over 10 years. In his current employment at Cheddar News, he has held several roles from Broadcast Editor to Master Control Operator. Notably, he was an integral part of the team that built 3 OTT networks that went on to be sold to Altice USA in a $200 million dollar deal and cemented him as a leader in digital transmissions with the 24 hour streaming networks News 12, i24 and Cheddar News.

Thomas Staples