Full Name
Erin Leigh
Job Title
Screen Engine/ASI
Senior Vice President, The TV Group

A highly dynamic consumer insights professional with over a decade of experience in entertainment research, with a special emphasis on children's, YA, and family content. Erin has consulted on thousands of pilots with top entertainment networks and studios, and provided strategic guidance for her clients throughout the green-lighting and series development process. Erin specializes in content testing, promo/concept testing, series maintenance, as well as brand personality marketing and psychographics.  

Her background in psychology plays a significant role in her passion for qualitative content research (she has a BA in Psychology from UCLA and a Master of Science in Human Behavior from USC).  At UCLA her focus was on applied behavior analysis, and at USC her master’s thesis focused on, “The Role of Consumer's Self-Concept on Brand Preference: Implications for Aspirational Brand Positioning in Advertising.”

Erin Leigh