Full Name
Socrates Lozano
Job Title
Senior Director, ScrippsCast and Newsroom Innovation

Socrates Lozano is the Senior Director, ScrippsCast and Newsroom Innovation with the E.W. Scripps Company. The only thing constant in his 16-year broadcast career is change.  He has spent the last four years helping build the E.W. Scripps CTV content strategy and technology infrastructure. He has a passion for storytelling and is immersed in modernizing how we produce and distribute content to our viewers. He currently leads a new broadcast initiative focusing on newscast personalization for the news consumer of tomorrow.  Experimentation, failure, and innovation are at the core of what drives him forward, and he is always looking to surround himself with like-minded people that have the desire to leave an impact on this industry.

Socrates Lozano