Full Name
Mike Fisher
Job Title
VP, Advanced TV & Audio

Mike joined Essence to lead the Converged Advanced TV practice in 2020 from the world of adtech, where he previously led TV/OTT strategy at MediaMath and was one of the first to help build out streaming dynamic creative at Brightline. Once at Essence, it wasn't long before his role was expanded into a dual-hat position within GroupM to bring together disparate parts of the business and drive the Advanced TV practice forward, moving it away from purely linear or digital, toward an audience-first approach.

Mike has helped push clients like Target and Google to test and scale new Advanced TV solutions across linear, addressable, and streaming channels. He has also been instrumental in creating and leading new offerings between GroupM and various industry-leading companies, including iSpot, OpenAP, and Amobee.

Mike continues to push forward best-in-class advanced TV solutions, partnerships, and innovative ways to reach viewers across premium video solutions.

Mike Fisher