Who can enter? 

TV Week’s 40 under 40 has been designed to incorporate the entire professional Media Entertainment industry, and is open to entries from any professional working within the sector - from OTT, streaming, data, programming, distribution and content. Nominations should be no more than 750 words in length and give as much detail as possible. Nominees must be under 40 on the date of the event.

When are nominations open? 

Nominations are open - nominate here 

Is there a fee to nominate?

No, submissions are free.  

When do nominations close?

The nomination deadline has been extended to Monday, January 8, 2024 - 11pm PST 

What is needed to enter?

Nominations should give as much detail as possible around the specific criteria requested for the award category and be no more than 750 words in length.

When will honorees be announced? 

Honorees will be announced as soon as judging is complete, look for updates in February.

What happens after I nominate someone? 

You’ll get an acknowledgment by email of your nomination. If you've provided the nominees email address during your nomination, they will also receive an email. The nomination remains confidential and the email won't include the information about who nominated them.  

What are judges looking for in a nominee?

  • Significant and ground-breaking achievements to date
  • High potential for growth in the industry
  • Making a distinctive and innovative contribution in their field
  • Ability, and willingness to act as a role model to others
  • Diverse candidates are encouraged, particularly when submitting more than one entry 

What do the winners receive? 

All winners will be awarded with a Television Week certificate and their win will be revealed in Broadcasting + Cable Multichannel News publication, a leading title with industry-wide readership. 

Can I nominate for 40 Under 40 NYC?

Yes, you can nominate for NYC TV Week's 40 Under 40 through this link